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A professional supplier of perso腦開nal care raw materials



GUANGZHOU COACHVA TRADING CO., LTD. a哥舊 professional supplier of co高照smetic ingredient for體化 personal care application.

Since its inception, the com說國pany has took the management pol影媽icy of "Green Innovati吃有on, Good faith, Customer Respect&quo笑兵t;, providing customers a wide range 件近of products with reliab銀吧le quality, innovated conce愛關pt and cutting-edge technology.

COACHVA provides profession聽都al personal care ingredients北老 of brands including OAT COSMETICS, 上廠SOLLICE BIOTECH, CHEMIR S.A.低費, NANOVETORES, BIONAP SRL道低, ECO-SAPROPEL, BLUE SKY BOTANICS, GR民就AP'SUD etc.     &nbs南他p;



For domestic customers to自文 provide high-quality complete solutio能關n
  • 法國Grap'sud


    GRAP'SUD就見 union is specialized, sin村對ce 1969, in the manufacturing a高雨nd sales of polyphenol guaranteed森服 grape and olive extract into the a購通pplication of personal car河件e, nutraceuticals, food an遠冷d oenology market. The 畫那company owes 6 production plants, 4 sit人說es for perfectly storage and 空大transit and 4 subsidiaries,對務 strategically placed at the 腦兵heart of a number of different月作 inegrowing areas, sharing t算子he company resources and skills to 拍行continuously provide cu厭拿stomers 100% natural polyphenol pr唱些oducts.


  • 英國 Oat Cosmetics

    Oat Cosmetics

    OAT COSMET筆窗ICS, a part of the OAT 市民SERVICES GROUP - an ethical, c銀謝ustomer-focused company討亮 specializing in the research a他跳nd development of market a工金pplications for the cereal crop o刀工ats , provides oat derivative a你文nd value crop derivative p兒為roducts with ECOCERT certificated an花件d Organic certificated for cosmeti裡森c and industrial applications.校民


  • 法國Sollice Biotech

    Sollice Biotech

    SOLLICE BIOTECH錯些 is a life sciences key partner, as 亮要leading creator, producer and hi老讀gh-quality provider of a去學ctive ingredients, devoted to 煙嗎offer a full range of innovative high-河明performance and functional active懂慢 ingredients obtained by會日 bio-fermentation and synthesi呢很s.


  • 西班牙Chemir s.a.

    Chemir s.a.

    CHEMIR S.A. is a com土請pany founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1要白983, dedicated to provide a wid湖大e range of emollient, 化物emulsifier and actives etc. 科體for the cosmetics and dermo-p行去harmaceutical Industries. CHEMIR S.A開農. has a dynamic, com什那mitted and highly quali文下fied team that pays special attenti說雜on to the incorporation of t朋裡he best active ingredients and new請也 tendencies and innovated technolo看坐gy, offering the premium qualit水子y raw material and exceptional 輛也service to customers. 多雜


  • 巴西Nanovetores


    Nanovetores討商 Tecnologia S.A. is a worldwide k公但nown Brazilian company for the develop很到ment of nano and micro encapsulatio分如n systems with natural actives. Adhe計微ring to the concept of green chem計些istry, the principle o海林f sustainable developments, 他討Nanovetores Tecnologia S.A. 日飛provides sectors of the ind到區ustry innovative produ見跳cts, technical services and entire 用要solution. Nanovetores 站金Tecnologia S.A. owns exp費到erienced, constantly r哥們ealistic and innovative R&D team公低, among includes renowned professiona靜也ls with international experience and 不土superior expertise of 15 years in a到暗ctive encapsulation s現師ystems. In addition, 離對Nanovetores Tecnologia S.A. h開一as been applied for an志理d acquired 7 patents w呢可ithin Brazil won a number of a大城wards and grants.


  • 意大(dà)利Bionap


    Founded in 1997, Bio房劇nap is an Italian company which produc內問es standardized extracts 我畫from Mediterranean o鐘下rigin for cosmetic and 遠懂nutraceutical application煙物s. With the stated m近雪ission to continual discove明河r active substances contai光雪ned in Mediterranean foods and視這 plants, using sustainable員藍 and green production methods算山, with the highest production stan也有dards strictly control the enti笑身re production process, Biona雨自p committed to provide cust草上omers the most pure standard Medite文好rranean extracts.


  • 白(bái)俄羅斯Eco-Sapropel


    Eco-Saprope森說l is established in 1991, strive to i舊畫ntroduce the most adv喝到aned technology into the developm家城ent and production of Pelosilt w技工hich are ecologically clean o媽作rganic freshwater sedi呢拍ments. With ten thousand years of s場日edimentation and purification, Pel場風osilts from Lake Sudoubl featured t公員o pure, nature and free-fr劇男om pollution. Rely on a solid sci音答entific research basi都民s, a professional R&D team 那朋consisting with leading exper工區t, Doctor of Chemistr黑通y, Master of Pharmacy continuall討花y provide customers the innovative冷銀


  • 英國Blue Sky Botanics

    Blue Sky Botanics

    BLUE SKY BOTANICS, an i行機nnovative, leading UK manufacturer of 算筆authentic, natural botanical extract是知s for the Personal Care, Bev家林erage and Food industry, is based on 少會a 200-acre award winning Organ很白ic farm in the heart他行 of Herefordshire, England. Operational近現 for 12 years, BLUE SKY BOTANI雪呢CS uses Green & sustainable麗知 manufacturing processes, s和麗upplying extracts to a wide r雪間ange of customers ranging from small男新 business to major global man技錢ufacturers. Rigorous attent劇這ion to quality and traceability ar和錯e the trademarks of 務動a Blue Sky Extract. 校文


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For domestic customers to pro少也vide high-quality complete so區工lution
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